Dr. Erika Kalkan is an integrative manual therapist who specializes in holistic, whole-body structural alignment and nervous system restoration. She holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Temple University and has a private practice based in NYC with satellite offices in Sag Harbor, LA, and Miami. She has developed her own system of postural rebalancing which encourages optimal alignment and efficiency of movement within the body. By combining modalities from eastern, western, and osteopathic medicine, her method of bodywork stimulates faster healing and more immediate results that last. As a Reiki Master and Craniosacral Therapist, she incorporates alternative and energetic healing therapies into her practice as well which more deeply reset the nervous system and energetic framework. Dr Kalkan is also a former professional dancer and has a niche in dance medicine. She has lectured internationally and has acted as a consultant for several magazines including Dance Magazine, Dance Teacher Magazine, and Pointe Magazine. Dr. Kalkan is passionate about preventative medicine and overall wellness. She believes in healing the body from the inside out and provides clients with the tools that they need in order to prevent future injury.