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I exercise regularly, but I’ve had problems with my back on and off for many years. Last year the problems seemed to escalate. I would have a different issue with my back every couple of weeks over a period of 6 months. I finally made up my mind to really View Full →

Michael Deleget

To be treated by Dr. Kalkan was a wonderful experience. She is not only a knowledgable therapist (the best that I have come across), but she is also a compassionate, friendly, and experienced individual. After my ankle surgery she helped me recuperate and understand my own personal situation in order to View Full →

Ursula Verduzco

I went to see Erika after living with severe hip and leg pain for more than two years. At the time I was having trouble running (for the bus), jumping and even sitting for more than fifteen minutes. As someone who runs marathons and does triathlons, I was devastated. Erika View Full →

Francoise Cherry

I hardly know where to begin when singing the praises of Erika Kalkan. I have, unfortunately faced quite a few injuries in recent years. As difficult as that has been, having Erika as my source of wisdom and guidance through each healing process has been an incredible gift. She has View Full →

Chriselle Tidrick

Six months before my 3rd marathon, I got in a bike accident and injured my right ankle quite badly. I was unable to run and training was looming in the distance–only 2.5 months away. Erika worked with me both mentally and physically and not only had me back on the View Full →

Lauren Kreha

The first thing I would have to say about Erika is that she is tough. Very tough. I walk out of sessions with her sore, sweating, and exhausted. However, as she has pushed me to my limits, she has been nothing shy of extremely precise, reassuringly intelligent, and wonderfully encouraging. View Full →


Erika treated me during the last three years of my career with the Paul Taylor Dance Company. At the time I was suffering from degenerative joint disease, and it was her superb care and treatment that allowed me to continue dancing. When I left the company the focus of our work shifted to preparing me for total hip replacement surgery. These preparations, along with our post surgical physical therapy, enabled me to heal and recover at a rapid rate. Today I am enjoying a pain free life, moving with freedom and ease, and expecting my first child. Erika’s command of anatomy and kinesiology, combined with her years of experience and firsthand knowledge of the physical demands of dancing, are immediately apparent. What makes her so special, invaluable in fact, is her wise understanding that no two bodies and no two injuries are the same: she treats every patient, every case, as completely individual and unique. She listens to you, she asks questions, and she patiently takes time to learn about your lifestyle and understand exactly what you require of your body. She assimilates all this information into her treatment, finding patterns and finding solutions while always remaining interested, concerned, and 100% committed to her patient. While I still see Erika for occasional hip “tune-ups”, I now see her primarily for craniosacral therapy. I have always felt a profound connection with this work, and Erika’s sensitive and empathic nature make her an ideal practitioner, so naturally I was thrilled when she began incorporating it into her practice. She creates a beautiful space of energy that allows me to completely relax and get the maximum benefit of her healing touch. It has been especially helpful in balancing my energy and easing my pregnancy symptoms. Erika has also treated my husband for various gym related pains, and she had him running and boxing again in no time, armored with new knowledge to prevent further injuries. Once our baby is born he/she will be adjusting to life outside of the womb with the help of Erika’s craniosacral therapy. Our whole family will enjoy good health and wisdom thanks to Erika!