Chriselle Tidrick

I hardly know where to begin when singing the praises of Erika Kalkan. I have, unfortunately faced quite a few injuries in recent years. As difficult as that has been, having Erika as my source of wisdom and guidance through each healing process has been an incredible gift. She has a natural understanding of my body and what it needs to heal. She finds the exact muscles that need to be released and applies the most torturously perfect amount of pressure. She figures out the best exercises to address my physical weaknesses, and she has a special ability to push me to my physical limits without causing me unhealthy pain or causing my muscles to go into spasm. Erika has seen me through a partial calf tear, a shoulder impingement, a dislocated patella, and a full ACL tear. In each case, she assessed my situation, guided me toward healing and strength, and gave me a better understanding of my body and how it functions. In the case of the calf tear, she prepared me so that I could perform just seven weeks later. With the shoulder impingement, she devised exercises to prepare me for the particular demands of aerial work. With the ACL tear, she has been by my side through the long, tedious and frustrating process of regaining physical capability, often offering as much in the way of mental/emotional support as she does physical healing. Throughout the time I have spent with Erika, I have seen her enthusiastically attend a range of courses to expand and deepen her knowledge of the body. The range of tools and techniques she has at her command is staggering and is very much appreciated. Chriselle Tidrick Artistic Director, Above and Beyond Dance