Francoise Cherry

I went to see Erika after living with severe hip and leg pain for more than two years. At the time I was having trouble running (for the bus), jumping and even sitting for more than fifteen minutes. As someone who runs marathons and does triathlons, I was devastated. Erika truly helped me out. She took the time to evaluate me thoroughly, identify the problem and treat it properly. She then re-evalulated me at every session and adjusted her treatments accordingly. One great thing was that Erika spent a lot of one-on-one time with me: stretching, mobilizing me and supervising all my exercises. As a former dancer herself, she pays special attention to technique and detail. She also gave me a thorough and individualized home exercise program -- that I still do today! While her skills as a physical therapist are key, Erika also has a great personality. It is simply fun to spend a few hours a week with her in therapy.  I am back to running, not only for the bus but as a marathoner once again. I attribute my return to Erika's help and hard work. She got me back on track!